Trinzo, the Journey Continued

An inside look into the early days of Trinzo

Ok, so I am going to be an entrepreneur and start my own business. It is kind of like when you have your first child. They do not come with a manual or clear set of instructions and most of it you have to make up as you go along. It is far more difficult than you can ever imagine. With your first child, it is the love of a child and that bond that keeps you going. In a start-up love is the equivalent to the passion and belief in what you are doing which keeps you going. In starting a business and also bringing up a baby there is a lot of poo to deal with. The funny thing about both is because it’s yours you don’t mind cleaning it up….. You hear about all the help and support that is out there, available from various agencies but really none of them care as much about your success as you do and you can be left disappointed. I took the view that no one would help so that I was not disappointed and when they actually did, it was an upside.

In the case of Trinzo, we were an upstart rather than a start-up as we had a client before I really had a company. I spent about 3 months working on business plans, researching the market and reaching out to people I knew in the industry. I started with great enthusiasm and thoughts of world domination and could see no reason why my phone wouldn’t be hopping with huge demand. It took 3 months to find my first client. It was an ex-colleague of mine in Covidien that called me back (after I had called/emailed about 7 times) about a potential project in Germany with a company called Pulsion. She had joined Maquet (Part of Getinge) and they owned Pulsion. We worked out a scope of work and I attended a series of interviews and they offered me the role. Trinzo was now up and running.

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