Trinzo, the First Step in the Journey

Where it all started

The Journey of Trinzo started the day I was made redundant on the 16th of February, 2015 from my role as VP of Quality Assurance with a very large Medical Device company. I remember the day clearly as it was also the day of my 14th wedding anniversary. For those of you that are in your mid-40s to late 50s, you will most likely experience it. I say this because many people have shared their own similar story with me. I never took the decision personally and thanked the company for my time and also the generous severance payment. In reality, it is hard not to take it personally when you have to go home to your wife, family, and friends and have that awkward conversation about ‘spending more time with family’. I have to say that I really enjoyed my new free time and actually spent the time to coach a local sports team and share some of my knowledge and experiences with them.

After about six months of free time and getting under my wife’s feet at home, I was asked/told about my plans to get back to work… to which I responded that I was retired. Carmel, my wife pointed out that I was far too young and had too much to offer. Carmel asked me, “If you could do anything with your time, what would it be?” After ruling out professional athlete, property tycoon, fitness instructor and going back to university to become a medical doctor, I started to scratch the ‘start my own company’ itch. I reached out to a few people and everyone told me that starting your own business was a really hard thing to do and that I should just go back into the industry and do what I always did.

I ignored every piece of advice that I got… with the exception of one. A local successful businessman after telling me that I should not do it rang me back a week later and told me that he reflected on what he had said to me and changed his mind. He said that I had the passion and drive to be successful and youth on my side. Beyond that, nothing else mattered. He believed that I would be successful and so my journey began and Trinzo was born.

The idea was easy, the journey was not as straightforward. Follow Trinzo to keep up to date with our journey and the industry we serve.

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