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At Trinzo, we have a proven track record of leading companies through compliance issues and creating or adjusting structures in order to avoid similar issues in the future.

We are committed to providing our clients with highly-qualified and highly-focused consultants who can exceed expectations, and who bring their expertise to the table every single time. With decades of experience across our team, we have particular knowledge of the fields of quality management, regulatory affairs, project management and business optimization.

We bring confidence to our clients’ teams, streamlining their processes and raising their ambitions. We educate, engage and motivate, multiplying ROI through effective processes, systems, and tools.

Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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Meet The Team

Liam Turley

CEO & Quality Expert

Sunetra Bhattacharya

Project and Acquisition Consultant

Eric Brennan

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Consultant

Rod Beuzeval

Regulatory Centre of Excellence Leader

Jane Fox

HR and Talent Lead

Camila Del Nero Pacheco

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Consultant

Ivan Whelan

Senior QA Consultant

Steve Martin

Quality Centre of Excellence Leader

Dale Kimmel

Client Engagement Lead

Emily O'Sullivan

Legal and Accounts Lead

Emma Galvin

Administration Lead

Abbie Ambridge

Marketing Lead

Ciara Griffin

Finance and Digital Assistant

Peter Walsh

Partner & Executive Director

Oonagh Bergin

Operations Lead

Amy Doherty

Talent Acquisition Lead

Our Company Culture

People First, Always

Trinzo is a company driven by unshakeable core values: we put people first, from our consultants to our clients, and we value hard work, honesty and integrity above all. We succeed by hiring the right people and by ensuring an open and supportive environment — and our clients reap the rewards.

At Trinzo, we strive to create a company culture that encourages each member of the consultancy ecosystem to reach their fullest potential, whether that’s a client with an organizational issue or a consultant with a vision for change.

We help our team to lead the industry in creating solutions, applying well-tested methodologies and persistently seeking innovative ways to help our clients succeed.

Our Story

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Trinzo is a medical devices and pharmaceutical consultancy firm that excels at compliance, regulatory and project management issues, creating solutions on a project basis or finding the root of structural issues.

At Trinzo, our core values ground how we operate. We care about people, first and foremost. We thoroughly vet and choose the most experienced consultants to get the best result for our valued clients.

In  many  cases,  our  clients  hire  us  to  solve  a  specific  problem or  remediate  an  issue. Sometimes, the issue at hand is only surface-level and our knowledgeable consultants can use their industry expertise to design a comprehensive solution. But when the challenges run deeper, Trinzo will get to the heart of the issue, offering insight, advice and industry-leading methodologies that will leave your team stronger, with renewed motivation and increased efficiency.

We are very pleased to announce our recent acquisition of Meddev Solutions Ltd – a training and consultancy firm within the medical device industry. This acquisition perfectly aligns with our growth strategy and broadens our team of best-in-class experts providing you with access to a wider array of industry-led corporate, individual and bespoke training courses among a growing library of consultancy solutions.

You can trust us to make a real impact — on your business and your bottom line.

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